What we do


Supporting major executive decisions

Our Intelligence work guides executive decisions on crucial business activities including M&A, government relations and ESG risks by leveraging the collective knowledge and insights of independent local experts with the inside track.


Intelligence-led investigations

Deep investigative research, using public records and human sources, into the reputation, ethics, probity, operating status, political exposure or track record of a business, its management or other stakeholders.

Intel dispatches revealing what’s next for Latin America's largest business sectors.

Jet Stream 

 Milei’s westward shift and NATO ambitions. 

All eyes on you

Sheinbaum’s 2024 Mexican presidential race.

Building Bridges

The Bridgetown Initiative deserves financial support.

Power Play

Mexico’s renewable energy race in the presidential arena.

Battling the Buzz

Dengue wars in Latin America.

The need to restructure infrastructure

Transforming infrastructure in Latin America.

The Grape Divide

The fruity battle between Peru and Chile for global dominance.

The big G

Navigating ESG compliance in Latin America. 

Thinking outside the (recycled) box 

Navigating sustainability in Latin America’s packaging industry. 

Who left the tap on?

Panama canal's water shortages and shipping implications.

Bulk Buying 

Argentina's quest to bolster National Defence with historic fighter jets purchase.


Extended reports on the critical issues facing business and investors in Latin America.

Chile’s economy has a new BFF

Opportunities for local production (and consumption) of Green Hydrogen. 

Unveiling Latin America’s Political Quagmire

Root causes and remedial paths.

Brazil is Back and Open for Business! 

Lula's impact: reflecting one year later. 

From Crisis to Comeback

How Peru’s tourism is navigating post-pandemic challenges.

Chile’s green hydrogen odyssey: promises, pitfalls and politics

What are the critical risks for investors?

Making a Meal-ei of it?

Argentina’s economic outlook.

The Extinct Peruvian Miracle

Peru's economic crossroads.

Company News

The latest news and events from Deheza.