What we do


Supporting major executive decisions

Our Intelligence work guides executive decisions on crucial business activities including M&A, government relations and ESG risks by leveraging the collective knowledge and insights of independent local experts with the inside track.


Intelligence-led investigations

Deep investigative research, using public records and human sources, into the reputation, ethics, probity, operating status, political exposure or track record of a business, its management or other stakeholders.

Intel dispatches revealing what’s next for Latin America's largest business sectors.

A better barter

Strengthening India-Latin America relations through trade.

Costa Rica’s escalating homicides

The urgent call for unified action against drug trafficking.

Bolivia’s economic challenges 

Navigating political turmoil and market uncertainty. 

Suriname’s oil dream

Total's investment sparks economic transformation.

Revolutionising pharmaceutical services 

Challenges and opportunities in the Americas. 

Transforming Brazil’s aviation landscape

Challenges and opportunities in the new growth acceleration programme. 

Superstar soybean in South America

Navigating challenges and embracing advancements.

Start local, think global

Amazon summit unites against deforestation.

LatAm’s food crisis

Unprecedented food prices drag more people in Latin America into food insecurity.

Challenges in Colombian port logistics

Roadblocks, losses and solutions.

Bolivia’s fibre fiesta

ENTEL’s fibre optic expansion exerts further dominance over the competition.


Extended reports on the critical issues facing business and investors in Latin America.

Argentina votes Milei

Light at the end of a very long tunnel?

Climate Justice: Not Just a Slogan

Climate challenges in LatAm and the Caribbean and a call for equitable solutions.

Dollar deliberations

Dollarisation back on the agenda in Argentina following Javier Milei's early success in the recent presidential primary election.

Building BRICS

The BRICS summit in Johannesburg is almost upon us and the issues of growth and expansion are on everyone’s lips. Will the group seek to extend its membership and could it really rival the G7 as an international bloc?

Santiago Peña’s Path to Leadership and the Road Ahead

Paraguay’s new president faces challenges: his ability to maintain independence, gather party support and implement reforms will shape the country’s future.

Dollar scarcity in Argentina and Brazil

Could the possibility of a “currency union” between Argentina and Brazil solve the shortage of dollars affecting both countries or trigger a severe recession?

Macro risks in Latin America

Latin America is trapped in a cage of external and regional risks.

Company News

The latest news and events from Deheza.