Weekly Business News and Intelligence from Latin America

Maritime tensions

Could an ICJ ruling affect Colombia and Nicaragua’s bilateral relations?

Murder in Montevideo

What lies behind Uruguay’s spate of narco-fuelled homicides?

Bitcoin city dreams

Interest in El Salvador’s ‘volcano bonds’ is likely to remain dormant.

Privatising Petrobras

Brazil’s state oil company is turning into a political football.

NFTickets taking off

Can NFT airline ticket issuance become more widespread?

Best in class

What happened to the Caribbean’s EdTech revolution?


Extended reports on critical issues facing Latin America

Latin America’s next health frontier

Healthtech dynamism is disrupting traditional healthcare models across Latin America and could provide much needed help to poorer, rural and indigenous communities.

A continental shift

Latin America's economic woes continue but record flows of venture capital point to a newfound entrepreneurial dynamism.

ESG intelligence

Strategic intelligence firms uniquely placed to assess ESG risks.


Bolivia votes to bring MAS back to power

Close Call

Brazil at a crossroads over 5G tender.


Bolivia stumbles into a new chapter.

A Tale of Two Crises

Coronavirus suspends social unrest in Chile.

Leadership for Thought

Non-Permanent members lead the Security Council through COVID-19.

Dig For Victory

Peru needs mining to escape the fallout from COVID-19.

Company News

Elizabeth Deheza speaks about ESG and business sustainability in Latin America

Our CEO recently discussed why ESG is now a paramount commercial consideration for businesses looking to establish a presence in the region.

Álvaro Correa joins the Deheza Advisory Board 

Former Creditcorp deputy CEO joins Deheza's Advisory Board to guide next phase of growth.

Deheza appoints James Knell

James Knell, a specialist in Latin American geopolitics, joins Deheza as Editor. James will have editorial oversight of Deheza’s subscription and research products and...