Strategic intelligence in Latin America

Appeasing the masses

Costa Rica is holding presidential elections amidst a growing fiscal deficit.

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This Week

Volume 3 – Issue 6

Editor’s note

Let’s be honest, Latin America is no Singapore. Eye-watering bureaucracy, endless red tape and chronic underinvestment in...

Appeasing the masses

Costa Rica is holding presidential elections amidst a growing fiscal deficit.

A flawed application

Brazil wants to join the OECD – its candidacy will not be taken seriously without environmental reforms and fiscal prudence.

New office, same problem

Chile's Green Finance Office – unless its ideas generate returns on investment, its impact may be limited.

Windfall in the South

Offshore wind farms in Brazil and Argentina could provide economic gains and help them hit renewable targets.

Drive now, pay later!

Bolivia is importing a record amount of diesel and gasoline – fiscal constraints and subsidies are an unsustainable solution.

The innovation game

Could underinvestment in digital education stem the flow of capital to Latin America?