Strategic intelligence in Latin America

Cash to your door

Cash delivery app brings ATMs closer to rural Bolivia.

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This Week

Volume 2 – Issue 11

Editor’s note

Dear Members, This week, we revisit the ongoing Venezuelan refugee crisis in Colombia and consider the new ten-year...

Land of opportunity

Colombia seeks opportunity from Venezuelan migrant crisis.

Financial crime risks

Global banks continue to experience AML failures in Latin America.

More sustainable solar

Brazilian firm brings organic photovoltaics to buildings and trucks.

Road to recovery

Argentina prepares a much needed public works investment stimulus.

Mining over the coals

Colombia eyes diversification from coal to copper and gold.

Submarine connections

The EllaLink submarine cable system connects LatAm with Europe.

Cash to your door

Cash delivery app brings ATMs closer to rural Bolivia.

Cuba’s COVID-19 vaccines

Cuba's COVID-19 vaccines enter final stages of development.


Bookshops and libraries continue to suffer in Latin America.