Strategic intelligence in Latin America

Coal’s over

Chile signals intention to accelerate closure of coal generators.

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This Week

Volume 1 – Issue 10

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the tenth Issue of Tidings. Politics in Latin America is never dull, this week it is Peru’s turn to light up the Andean cone.

Musical chairs

Vizcarra ousted, Merino resigned, Silva-Santisteban rejected, now Sagasti.

Fine time

Central Bank sanctions Itaú in Paraguay.

Coal’s over

Chile signals intention to accelerate closure of coal generators.

Train reaction

Chinese interest returns to Mexican infrastructure projects.

Watching the Hass grow

Avocado production continues to grow in Colombia.

Lags to riches

Poor connectivity holds back El Salvador.

Doubling down

The City of Buenos Aires begins licensing online gambling.

Trial and error

COVID-19 vaccine trials politicized in Brazil.

Stranger danger

Brands risk their reputations with unknown influencers.