Strategic intelligence in Latin America

Crypto rules

Mexico warns about cryptocurrencies while embracing fintechs.

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This Week

Volume 2 – Issue 28

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings. There is never a dull moment in Mexican politics. The latest is the...

Corruption vote

AMLO seeks public support to investigate allegations of corruption against former presidents.

Crypto rules

Mexico warns about cryptocurrencies while embracing fintechs.

Shipping out

COVID restrictions and congestion at Yantian felt in Latin America.

Bad catch

Argentinian authorities ban salmon farming in Tierra del Fuego.

Space SPAC

Argentina's Satellogic merges with a SPAC in USD 1.1 billion deal.

Drone pilot

Chilean department store, Ripley, pilots drone delivery service in Peru.

Covaxin scandal

Another investigation initiated against Bolsonaro but he continues to hang on.

Trendy bonds

Thematic bonds are becoming the financing instrument 'du jour' in Latin America.