Intelligence-led research using public records and human sources, into the reputation, ethics, probity, operating status, political exposure or track record of a business, its management or other stakeholders.



  • Distinctive methodology: Our intelligence-led methodology provides unparalled insight by combining the knowledge of best-placed human sources with a deep search of the public record. Note that in Latin America some public filings are only available in person.
  • Peace of mind: We leave no stone unturned, know everything you can about who or what you are dealing with from people who have dealt with them before.
  • Trusted insights: Our clients include many of the world's largest corporations by market capitalisation, half of the top 10 hedge funds by assets under management and several of the best performing private equity funds.
  • Independence: we have no agenda and manage any client conflicts rigorously. Our only interest is providing your with the best information and insights.
  • Where do

    we operate?

    We are active across the whole of Latin America and the Caribbean and have successfully delivered engagements in:

    Argentina | Bolivia | Brazil | Chile | Colombia | Costa Rica| Cuba| Dominican Republic | Ecuador | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Jamaica | Mexico | Nicaragua | Panama | Paraguay | Peru | Puerto Rico | Trinidad and Tobago | Uruguay | Venezuela


    is it for?

    Our Diligence product is design to be used by any business. If you need an independent perspective or investigation into an individual or business, for legitimate business purposes, we are here to help.

    Our Diligence clients include law firms, private banks, accountants, management consultants and various functions within corporations including intelligence, corporate affairs, compliance and risk.


    we work


  • Onboarding: Some of our competitors have questionable ethics, we select our clients as carefully as they select us.
  • Compliance: We understand your compliance team may have questions and we will invest the required time to make sure they can protect you and us.
  • Scoping: We takethe right amount of time in developing and agreeing a clear scope, minimizing the risk of surprises, for you and us.
  • Intelligence and analysis: Our researchers consult our network of expert sources and cross-reference their insights as far as possible with information from local and global databases and public records.
  • Quality control: Our senior executive and editorial teams subject all reports to comprehensive reviews to ensure that the scope has been addressed with clarity.
  • Delivery: A comprehensive written report with a concise summary of key findings and verbal debrief, as required.