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Once again, we see that the international press continues to miss important details in their coverage of Latin American news, this week on Total in Brazil, Codelco in Chile and President Viscarra in Peru. Our source-led, 350-word articles aim to fill this information void to support your understanding and decision-making.
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This Week

Volume 2020 – Issue 5

Editor’s Note

“Nothing ruins Friday like finding out it’s only Tuesday!” On that note, welcome to the fifth instalment...

Much ado about nothing

Peruvian Congress withdraws process to impeach President Vizcarra amid economic and health crises.

Makes no cents

Argentina implements new currency controls spooking savers, corporates and investors.

Total-ly unclear

Total exits exploration blocks in Brazil but is it a victory for environmentalists?

On a wing and a prayer

Pandemic causes headache for air freight industry.


Codelco strikes amicable deal with union but how long will the positivity last in Chile?

A problem shared

Pressure grows on telecommunications infrastructure as the pandemic drives internet usage.

Driving a recovery

Short-,medium- and long-term priorities for the automotive industry in Mexico and Brazil.

Vaccine FOMO

Competition for vaccine access begins across Latin America.

Not made-up and nowhere to go

Personal hygiene grabs market share as fragrances and make up decline in Latin America.