Strategic intelligence in Latin America

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This Week

Volume 2 – Issue 17

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Border walls, unlikely alliances, state data harvesting, gas pipelines and airport concessions, this week's edition has...

Border walls are back

Dominican Republic revives the idea of a border wall with Haiti.

Pension deficit

Demographic challenges threaten the sustainability of national pension schemes in the Caribbean.

Pipe down

The Mexican government plans to revoke Sempra's pipeline permit.

Airport concessions take off

All eyes on the seventh round of Brazil's airport concessions as the sixth round completes.

Plastic-ing around

Pandemic economic reactivation to boost demand for plastics.

Data plan

Mexico approves law to require biometric data for buying mobile phones.

Meat market

Argentinian beef hit by trade restrictions and fall in domestic consumption.

Blocking the jab

Maduro and Guaidó struggle to bring vaccines to Venezuela.

Keeping it in the family

Corporate and family governance challenges in family businesses.