Strategic intelligence in Latin America

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This Week

Volume 2 – Issue 25

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome back to Tidings. This week, we continue to observe unofficial Russian interest in Latin America. Firstly,...

Bolivia courts Russian interest

Russia scales up its unofficial interest in LatAm and finds a willing ally in Bolivia.

‘Hodl’ on tight!

Bitcoin to become legal tender in El Salvador, what could go wrong?

Nuclear (soft) power

Talk of Russian investment grows in Argentina, this time it's nuclear reactors.

Metro tragedy

Who is to blame for Mexico City's metro tragedy and what are the repercussions?

Miners on ‘red alert’

What's next for the mining sector in Peru under a Castillo presidency?

Chips are down

Global chip shortage hits Brazilian automotive industry, telco's watch nervously.

Health warning

CARICOM countries vote on the adoption of new food labelling.

Blue bonds

Latin America provides a unique proving ground for blue bonds but challenges remain.