Strategic intelligence in Latin America

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This Week

Volume 3 – Issue 5

Editor’s note

Latin America’s extraordinary natural resources have been both a blessing and curse for the continent. On one...

Commodity currencies

Despite increased demand for commodities, Latin America’s currencies have depreciated markedly.

Tunnel vision

Lax regulatory oversight and heavy rains affecting dams in Minas Gerais will turn mining operations into humanitarian disasters without further action.

Quito bets on hydrocarbons

As domestic energy reserves dwindle, Ecuador looks to diversify its energy portfolio.

Murky waters

An offshore oil spill off the Peruvian coast has wrought environmental damage while creating political opportunities for an unpopular president.

A risky bet?

An exponential rise in revenues in Colombia’s gambling sector heralds the growth of a promising sector.

Cartels in Cancún

Mexico’s tourism industry is being battered by rising Covid infection rates and a strengthening cartel presence.