Strategic intelligence in Latin America

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This Week

Volume 3 – Issue 9

Editor’s note

Yes, we’re Latin America specialists but every once in a while, events loom so large that they...

Belt, Road, Buenos Aires

Argentina signs up to China’s signature infrastructure initiative – financial volatility could give Beijing the jitters.

Chile’s constitutional conundrum

The body tasked with rewriting the constitution is on a collision course with president-elect Gabriel Boric.

Fighting the good fight, badly

Scandals have engulfed Mexico’s AMLO – how will this affect national efforts to combat corruption?

Deal or no deal

Argentina strikes an accord with the IMF; it is unlikely to be its last.

Latin America’s moral dilemma

The region’s long march towards the legalisation of abortion continues.

Connect if you can!

Mexico is set to develop the largest 5G commercial network in Latin America – few will be able to use it.