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Colombia sees growing copper demand driven by the energy transition.

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This Week

Volume 2 – Issue 12

Editor’s note

Dear Members, This week, we look at the recent protests in Paraguay where the people are angry at...

Paraguayan protests

Protests over the handling of COVID-19 and corruption in Paraguay.

Tightening the reins

Peru eyes OECD membership with actions against money laundering and tax evasion.


Colombia sees growing copper demand driven by the energy transition.

Bean better

Argentinian soya held back by politics, taxes and currency.


Ecuador's Presidential elections and US-China 5G tensions.

Milking it

Latin American milk production exposed to lower prices.

Magic bullet?

COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Chile despite vaccination progress.

Decarbonisation nation

Costa Rica unveils decarbonisation plan, targeting carbon neutral by 2050.