Strategic intelligence in Latin America

Elemental energy

Colombia follows Chile's lead towards green hydrogen.

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This Week

Volume 2 – Issue 5

Covid, elections and ESG

Dear Members, COVID-19 continues to dominate the agenda in Latin America. Last week, Mexico was at the height...

Wave of elections

2021 brings election season to many Caribbean islands.

Elemental energy

Colombia follows Chile's lead towards green hydrogen.

Best laid plans

Is Argentinian infrastructure ready for a mass vaccination programme?

Bank withdrawal

ESG concerns cause European banks to rethink Amazonian oil.

Open tender

Huawei taps Temer as Brazil's 5G auction approaches.

A bugs life

Are edible insects a solution to growing nutritional demand?

Second wave

COVID-19 deaths soar in Mexico as vaccines delayed.


Bars, nightclubs and events businesses fight for survival.

Sustained growth

Sustainable bond issues gather pace in Latin America.