Strategic intelligence in Latin America

New hope for Dominga

Environmental tribunal reverses decision on copper project in Chile.

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This Week

Volume 2 – Issue 19

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Just as lockdowns begin to ease, social unrest has returned to Latin America. This time it...

Taxing times

Violent protests lead to withdrawal of fiscal reforms in Colombia.

Borrowed time

CABEI approves loan for El Salvador, but is it the right option?

Gas price fix

Mexican competition watchdog investigates gas market price manipulation.

Reinventing universities

The future of university infrastructure and real estate in Latin America.

New hope for Dominga

Environmental tribunal reverses decision on copper project in Chile.

Tracking space junk

LeoLabs' Costa Rica Space Radar unveiled to track small objects.

Vaccine IP

Argentina could benefit from release of COVID patents, but is it too late?

Fitness gains

Fitness apps boom in Latin America but will they persist?