Strategic intelligence in Latin America

On to round two

Arauz moves on while Pérez and Lasso await the count in Ecuador's elections.

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This Week

Volume 2 – Issue 6

On your marks …

Dear Members, Ecuador has fired the gun on a year of voting across much of Latin America as...

On to round two

Arauz moves on while Pérez and Lasso await the count in Ecuador's elections.

No road to recovery

Bolivia's fiscal and trade woes compounded by the pandemic.


Petropar still trying to attract foreign investment.

Construction games

Santiago de Chile starts preparation for the Pan American Games.

The ascent of hemp

Regulators keep watch as CBD oil market grows.

Fake facts

Latin America has the highest rates of disinformation.

Up in smoke

Cigarette sales tank in Mexico as new product regulation stalls.

Priced out

Is greater transparency needed on vaccine contracts?


Work-from-home a boon for Latin American interior designers.