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About Tidings

Each week our members, global executives and decision-makers, access incisive intelligence dispatches charged with best-placed perspectives from local and impartial primary sources, spanning all economies in Latin America.

Tidings delivers a distinct competitive advantage by offering timely and well-informed insight into emerging opportunities and risks around the major social, political and economic issues that will shape Latin America and its markets.

Member’s manual

  • Tidings is an intelligence service; it is not a news service.
  • Tidings focuses on the issues that really matter; it is not exhaustive.
  • Tidings helps assess, at a high level, if an issue is an opportunity, risk or irrelevant; it does not offer opinion or advice.
  • Our sources are well-placed and knowledgeable, they speak with us freely but require a degree of anonymity.
  • We work hard to validate the intelligence we receive but occasionally our sources may be wrong.
  • If any dispatch piques your interest, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to take a deeper dive for you.