Strategic intelligence in Latin America

Shrimply politics

Ecuador looks West as relations with China sour.

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This Week

Volume 1 – Issue 2

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the second edition of our six-week intelligence newsletter pilot! I would like to thank all of...

Re-Order in the Court

Changes to courts and judge selection process in Argentina could halt investments.

Dressed up with nowhere to go

Fintechs moving faster than market adoption.

Oil be back

Oil bids postponed and new regulation to promote mature fields in Brazil.

Connection failed

Renewables infrastructure projects suspended in Colombia.

Show your metal

Peru must reactivate mining projects quickly.

Ex-Press Train

AMLO takes aim at independent media for criticising his Mayan Train project.

Shrimply politics

Ecuador looks West as relations with China sour.

AMLO: Regulator Consolidator

COFEPRIS being folded into Health Super-Secretariat in Mexico.

Show Stopper

Cinema industry struggles amid pandemic.