Strategic intelligence in Latin America

Strike it rich

Mining companies in Chile wrestle with unions over wages.

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This Week

Volume 1 – Issue 14

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Welcome to the penultimate issue of this year's Tidings. Next week will be a Special Issue,...


President Sagasti is thrown in at the deep end as farm workers protest in Peru.

Alternative finance

The Productive Development Bank in Bolivia targets the issuance of a Sustainable Bond.

Having a gas

Sempra Energy seeks to expand LNG exports through Mexico.

Regulatory works

Colombia seeks to change prior consultation regulation to stimulate investment.

Strike it rich

Mining companies in Chile wrestle with unions over wages.

Empty seats

Cinemas hit by the pandemic and streaming services.

Fall of the mall

Commercial real estate investors ponder the future of retail.

Vaccination frustration

Latin America will find mass vaccination challenging

Fish fight

Tension between sport and commercial fishing in Mexico.