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Ecuador shuts its door

President Noboa’s bold security measures and economic strife.

Ecuador’s political crossroad

Shaking up Ecuador's 2023 presidential race.

Lasso impeachment vote

Ecuador's Congress gets green light to vote on Lasso's impeachment, but will it pass?

Drug violence

Ecuador suffers a wave of violence at the hands of organised criminal groups.

Venezuelan migrants settle

Ecuador offers Venezuelan migrants a legal right to remain.

Arbitration in the Andes

In Chile and Ecuador, copper is causing controversy.

A woman’s touch

Ecuador moves to tackle the gender divide. 

Lasso-ing the opposition

To save the economy, Ecuador’s president wants to bypass congress.

Crustacean commodities

Explaining Ecuador’s exponential growth in shrimp production.

Quito bets on hydrocarbons

As domestic energy reserves dwindle, Ecuador looks to diversify its energy portfolio.