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Roseau’s Renaissance

The Roseau Enhancement Project and its complexities in Dominica.

Turbulent recovery

Caribbean airports refurbished as international flights return to pre-pandemic levels but regional flights lag.

Cholera outbreak

PAHO delivers over a million cholera vaccine doses to Haiti as outbreak gathers pace.

Loan consolidation

Consolidation in the Caribbean’s short-term loans market as Term Finance acquires FastCash.

Water harvesting

Saint Kitts and Nevis look for rainwater harvesting sites to improve access to water.

Tricky transition

With an economy reliant on fossil fuels, Trinidad and Tobago’s energy transition isn’t easy.

Don’t bank on it

US institutions are processing fewer financial transactions in the Caribbean as de-risking sets in.

Women’s and LGBTQI+ rights

Equality Fund report calls for action on women’s and LGBTQI+ rights in the Caribbean.

New or renew

Holness floats ambitious idea of a new city in south-west Jamaica.

Island hopping

The Caribbean is struggling to boost inter-regional travel.