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From Crisis to Comeback

How Peru’s tourism is navigating post-pandemic challenges.

The Extinct Peruvian Miracle

Peru's economic crossroads.

I wouldn’t bank on it 

Peru's economic landscape amidst interest rate cuts and uncertainties. 

Bureaucratic maze 

Peru's mining sector navigates red tape to unlock economic potential. 

Girl power

Dina Boluarte becomes Peru’s first female president, but she inherits a difficult hand.

The ‘berry’ best

Blueberries become Peru's leading agricultural export, surpassing coffee and grapes.

Petroperú mulls IPO

Peru’s government clears a path for USD 1 billion public offering of Petroperú shares but will investors bite?

Fighting fit

Fitness apps enjoyed a pandemic-related boom but as life reverts to normal will it last?

Quellaveco’s quandry

Anglo American and Mitsubishi to face scrutiny of environmental and labour standards at Quellaveco mine.

On the blink

Blinken visits Colombia, Chile, and Peru as he seeks to improve US relations with the region.