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Best laid plans

Is Argentinian infrastructure ready for a mass vaccination programme?

Dose of good news

Vaccine production in Argentina and Mexico on plan.

Star quality

Argentina leads Latin America's space capabilities.

Dead ‘cash’ cow

Vaca Muerta shale deposit in Argentina could become a stranded asset rather than a cash cow.

Vaccine races

Argentina begins Sputnik V vaccinations.


Macroeconomic challenges hold Argentina back but agriculture ploughs on.

No missed-steak

Argentina and Brazil increase beef exports to China.

Waterway wars

Competition hots up over Paraguay – Paraná Rivers Inland Waterway.

Wealth tax

The Chamber of Deputies in Argentina approves a wealth tax.

Paper jam

Argentina scrambles to print 1,000-peso banknotes as 5,000 peso note cancelled.

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Friends in high places

Bolsonaro's political victory in the Senate and Congress.

Digital money

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank's digital currency initiative makes progress.

Power flows

Mexico's energy policy drives outflows from the sector.


Mexico's EV market is going nowhere fast.