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Bitcoin city dreams

Interest in El Salvador’s ‘volcano bonds’ is likely to remain dormant.

Betting on bitcoin

El Salvador plans bitcoin-backed bond to build world's first bitcoin city. Genius or folly?


Colombia dips its toes into cryptocurrency with pilot programme.

Bitcoin dreams

What to expect as El Salvador's bitcoin experiment prepares to go live.

Crypto rules

Mexico warns about cryptocurrencies while embracing fintechs.

‘Hodl’ on tight!

Bitcoin to become legal tender in El Salvador, what could go wrong?

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Latin America’s changing relationship with Public-private partnerships

Across Latin America, administrations remain too hostile to Public-private partnerships. As the region’s financial markets are becoming increasingly sophisticated, the model should be more widely embraced. Few other alternatives have so effectively developed the continent’s lagging infrastructure.

The ESG factor

ESG, nice to have or must have?

Connecting Georgetown

The liberalisation of Guyana's telecommunications industry.

Slipping through the net

Latin America’s AML regulations need tightening up.

Paying Beijing

Short-term lifeline, long-term fiscal headache.