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Sorry State of affairs

Bolivia’s blurred lithium vision.

Bolivia’s economic challenges 

Navigating political turmoil and market uncertainty. 

Bolivia’s fibre fiesta

ENTEL’s fibre optic expansion exerts further dominance over the competition.

Desperate for dollars

Bolivia seeks to sell off remaining gold reserves to alleviate economic crisis.

Batteries not included

With a new operating model, Bolivia dumps the Germans in favour of the Chinese to exploit its lithium reserves.

Fool’s gold

Illegal mining is destroying Bolivia’s Amazon as local co-operatives partner with Chinese mining companies.

Nationalisations, really?

Bolivian Deputy threatens AB InBev subsidiary with nationalisation in wake of Santa Cruz protests.

MAS power struggle

Morales accused of involvement in extra-judicial killings as the Bolivian government flexes its muscles.

Meat meeting

Livestock entrepreneurs assemble in Bolivia to consider growth of beef exports.

Protecting the Amazon

Germany seeks to support Bolivia’s attempts to protect biodiversity.