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The Grape Divide

The fruity battle between Peru and Chile for global dominance.

COP a load of this

Latin America’s commitments, challenges and opportunities at COP28.

Aging infrastructure

Floods highlight decades of underinvestment in water infrastructure in the Dominican Republic.

Withering wheat

Droughts affecting 75% of Argentina’s agricultural land decimate the country’s wheat crop.

Reservoirs running low

As Brazil's energy crisis mounts can Argentina come to the rescue?

COP26 begins

Brazil has the opportunity to play a central role at COP26 but do they want to?

Drying up

Latin America has suffered a record series of droughts resulting in water crises.

Cities’ climate exposure

Latin America's cities most at risk from exposure to climate change.

Changing political climate

Latest IPCC report sets the tone for COP26 but will Latin America take note?