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Sugar rush

Brazilian sugar producers enjoy a bumper 2020 but will it last?

Feeding China

Brazil's agriculture continues to feed China.

To dig or not to dig

Ecuadorian mining weighs environment against economy.

A stitch in time saves mines

Peru finally moves to reactivate the mining sector.

Battery Strategy

Mexico is sitting on the world’s largest lithium deposit but thoughts of nationalisation are emerging.


Codelco strikes amicable deal with union but how long will the positivity last in Chile?

No silver bullet

Market observers see little upside to silver prices as production recovers and demand stabilises.

Bean here before

Chinese importers washing out Argentinian soy oil contracts, no biggie.

Show your metal

Peru must reactivate mining projects quickly.

Nordea Logs Out

International investors take action against Amazonian deforestation.

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Friends in high places

Bolsonaro's political victory in the Senate and Congress.

Digital money

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank's digital currency initiative makes progress.

Power flows

Mexico's energy policy drives outflows from the sector.


Mexico's EV market is going nowhere fast.