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Costa Rica’s escalating homicides

The urgent call for unified action against drug trafficking.

Soft power fail

Costa Rica withdraws its candidacy for the IDB presidency, what’s going on behind the scenes?

Building Costa Rica

Sustainable infrastructure in Central America.

Many rooms at the inn

Communities and the environment could revitalise Central America’s flagging tourism sector.

Appeasing the masses

Costa Rica is holding presidential elections amidst a growing fiscal deficit.

Medicinal marijuana

Costa Rica set to legalise the consumption of marijuana for medicinal use.

Drug production

Bayer to invest USD 200 million in production plant in Costa Rica.

Costs go bananas

Banana producers in Latin America wrestle with higher costs and standards.


Costa Rica leads nearshoring offering but can the rest of LatAm follow?

Tracking space junk

LeoLabs' Costa Rica Space Radar unveiled to track small objects.