Strategic intelligence in Latin America

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Petro’s (unclear) path

A 77yr old firebrand conservative is shaking up Colombia’s presidential elections. 

Behind the scenes in Bogotá

Colombia is set for a leftward shift, what does this mean for markets?

Ignoring the constitution

Is Brazil’s government funding families or a re-election campaign?

Island takeover

The Labour Party entrenches its political dominance as Barbados becomes a one-party state.

Honduran elections

Presidential elections loom in Honduras amidst political and social crises.

Chile, round one

Polarised first round will see the right face the left in the runoff.

Sham election

Nicaragua's president Daniel Ortega wins fourth term after jailing political opponents.

Surprise defeat

Our take on the Argentine government's surprising losses in legislative elections.

With all votes counted, Castillo set for victory in Peru

Pedro Castillo, school-teacher son of illiterate farmers, edges closer to becoming the next President of Peru. Will he deliver his radical campaign promises? What role will Congress play? What's next?

Cracks Emerge In Morena’s Political Dominance

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's party loses its supermajority in the Mexican Congress and suffers an embarrassing defeat in Mexico City but what's next and what does it mean for your business?

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This week in Tidings … The strained relationship between Catholic and Protestant communities is playing out in Nicaragua as the...

Red lines

Nicaragua’s evangelical President Ortega wrestles with the Catholic Church.

The chips are down

Opportunities and risks in LatAm from the global semiconductor chip shortage.

Ball games

Women’s football in LatAm enjoys increase in popularity as part of global trend.


Post-pandemic beer consumption has rocketed across Latin America.