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Patient payment

SACYR wins hospital construction project in Chile, but what are the risks?

The reopening

Hard-hit Argentina can't afford perpetual lockdown.

Your health, their wealth

LatAm health insurance booms, but is a bust coming?

Mental health

The pandemic has widened the gap between male and female mental health in Latin America.

Vaccine FOMO

Competition for vaccine access begins across Latin America.

One-in, One-out

Revolving doors at health ministries across Latin America.

From Russia with love

Paraná’s MoU with Russia puts them in pole position for Russian COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

AMLO: Regulator Consolidator

COFEPRIS being folded into Health Super-Secretariat in Mexico.

Calling the shots

Billionaires, not politicians, bring potential COVID-19 vaccine to LatAm.

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Digital money

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank's digital currency initiative makes progress.

Power flows

Mexico's energy policy drives outflows from the sector.


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