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Infra- restructured

Interest in government-to-government agreements is rising in Peru, could the model work elsewhere?

To dig or not to dig

Ecuadorian mining weighs environment against economy.

Adaptation trumps innovation

LatAm businesses focus on digital adaptation not innovation.


Latin American airlines struggle but winners emerge.

Argentina continues to reopen

Hard-hit Argentina can't afford perpetual lockdown.

What’s in a label?

Mexican labelling regulations take back seat to digital transformation.


An indigenous community in Mexico sues EDF in Paris over alleged violation of human rights by a wind project.

Will newer be better?

Chile overwhelmingly votes for a new constitution but will it solve social and economic challenges?


Bolsonaro tempers confrontation with legislature and judiciary amidst Supreme Court probe.

Editor’s Note

Welcome to Issue 8. Latin America remains firmly in the grips of COVID-19 but some countries are beginning to lift lockdown restrictions.

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Pain in the grass

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Waterway wars

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Electric bill

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Ahead in the clouds

Digital transition offers an opportunity for the cloud.