Strategic intelligence in Latin America

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Wealth lag

Latin America lags behind as global wealth continues to rise.

Nightlife in the dark

Latin America's nightclubs continue to close or convert, will any survive the pandemic?

Vaccine diplomacy

US administration finally throws Latin America a vaccine bone.

Circular beauty economy

Latin American beauty consumers demanding more sustainable products.

Shipping out

COVID restrictions and congestion at Yantian felt in Latin America.

Space SPAC

Argentina's Satellogic merges with a SPAC in USD 1.1 billion deal.

Trendy bonds

Thematic bonds are becoming the financing instrument 'du jour' in Latin America.

Smoking gun

Smuggling of illegal cigarettes is growing across Latin America.

ReLAI reboot

Regional scientific and technological collaboration needs a post-pandemic kickstart.

COVID update

The diverging outlook and attitude towards COVID-19 across Latin America.

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Latin America’s changing relationship with Public-private partnerships

Across Latin America, administrations remain too hostile to Public-private partnerships. As the region’s financial markets are becoming increasingly sophisticated, the model should be more widely embraced. Few other alternatives have so effectively developed the continent’s lagging infrastructure.

The ESG factor

ESG, nice to have or must have?

Connecting Georgetown

The liberalisation of Guyana's telecommunications industry.

Slipping through the net

Latin America’s AML regulations need tightening up.

Paying Beijing

Short-term lifeline, long-term fiscal headache.