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Telmex triple-play?

Telmex sacrifices market share in pursuit of triple-play.

Adaptation trumps innovation

LatAm businesses focus on digital adaptation not innovation.

‘Bancarizing’ the unbanked

Rappi pens partnership with SafetyPay.

Growth Factor

Invoice factoring set for post-pandemic growth in Peru and Chile.

A problem shared

Pressure grows on telecommunications infrastructure as the pandemic drives internet usage.

Immoral fibre

Bolivia gets fibre connection amid accusations of corruption.

Mast-ering 5G

Chile leads the race for 5G in Latin America but some aren’t happy.

Ex-Press Train

AMLO takes aim at independent media for criticising his Mayan Train project.

Tough Call

The race to acquire Oi’s mobile assets.

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Bolsonaro's political victory in the Senate and Congress.

Digital money

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank's digital currency initiative makes progress.

Power flows

Mexico's energy policy drives outflows from the sector.


Mexico's EV market is going nowhere fast.