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Power Party 

Evaluating the Brasilia Consensus ahead of the 2024 summit. 


The impact of cross-border spending sprees on Uruguay’s economy.

Where the money grows on trees

Making sense of Uruguay’s forest boom.

Dairy difficulties

Insurmountable barriers frustrate the growth prospects of Latin America’s dairy producers.

Climate trailblazers

Uruguay emerges as climate finance pioneer with bond linked to climate change indicators.

Death rights

Uruguay’s Lower House passes euthanasia bill but will the Senate approve it?

Coming of age

Uruguayan wine exports are growing but can they compete with New Zealand and South Africa?

Small country, big ambitions

Uruguay is looking to export green hydrogen.

Murder in Montevideo

What lies behind Uruguay’s spate of narco-fuelled homicides?

Regulating the cryptosphere

Uruguay moves to regulate cryptocurrencies.