Strategic intelligence in Latin America

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Help thy neighbour 

Colombia provides healthcare to Venezuelan refugees.

Black gold’s lure

Will Washington let Chevron pump oil in Venezuela?

Keep your enemies closer

Washington needs oil, Caracas needs money

Terminal decline

Activity at Venezuela's Puerto Cabello in serious decline.

Mining and trafficking

Illicit mining in Venezuela creates demand for human trafficking and prostitution.

Trafficking models

Venezuelan modelling agencies linked to trafficking and prostitution.

Blocking the jab

Maduro and Guaidó struggle to bring vaccines to Venezuela.

Border troubles

Confrontation between Colombia and Venezuela over illegal armed groups.

Land of opportunity

Colombia seeks opportunity from Venezuelan migrant crisis.

Flight risk

Regulatory tit-for-tat between Venezuela and Panama.

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Cleaning up Panama

Rubbish collection across the country leaves much to be desired. 

Tolerating difference

In Paraguay and Nicaragua, life remains challenging for the LGBTQ community.