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The Year Ahead

Welcome to The Year Ahead for Latin America, our guide to the coming year for the region’s six largest economies.

In this issue, we discuss the impact and response to the COVID-19 pandemic and consider the uneven opportunities and risks facing various industries and countries.

Following a year of social and political unrest in many Latin American countries, we look ahead to general elections in Peru (April) and Chile (November) with Honduras (March), Ecuador (April), Nicaragua (November) also coming in 2021 and Colombia and Brazil to follow in 2022.

On the international stage, several Latin American countries will soon be trapped between two superpowers and while this could boost trade, balancing the demands of China and the US will be challenging. This dilemma is certain to play out in Brazil’s 2021 5G auctions, which we will be watching with great interest.

Infrastructure has been touted as the silver bullet for economic reactivation but this will require foreign investment which in turn requires political stability and a clear legal framework. There is much work to do here.

The transition to clean energy is another emerging trend in Latin America that is gaining commercial, social and political traction. Chile is leading the drive towards renewables but others are beginning to follow and there is a broad appreciation that a diverse energy mix is beneficial not just to sustainability but also economic stability.

Finally, digitalisation is growing rapidly across the region, accelerate by the COVID-19 pandemic, this is presenting opportunities for fintech, edtech and e-commerce, but Latin America’s economies are still underwritten by mining, oil and gas and agriculture and it is crucial that these industries are managed with care.

With such significant changes coming to the region, it is important to have your eyes and ears on the ground: Deheza is here to provide the best local intelligence to support your decision-making.

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Volume 1 - Issue 15

The Year Ahead

Welcome to The Year Ahead for Latin America, our guide to the coming year for the region's...


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