TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 12

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Social and political unrest continues to spread across Latin America, this time it is Guatemala's turn to call...

Guatemala unrest

Latin America’s wave of social and political unrest arrives in Guatemala.

Wealth tax

The Chamber of Deputies in Argentina approves a wealth tax.

Electric bill

Eletrobras privatisation delayed by blackout and politics in Brazil.

Waterway wars

Competition hots up over Paraguay – Paraná Rivers Inland Waterway.


Chilean cherry production grows but margins squeezed.

Ahead in the clouds

Digital transition offers an opportunity for the cloud.


Latin American demand grows for sustainable fashion.

Pain in the grass

Colombia's medicinal cannabis industry yet to take off.


Despite COVID-19, mega-yachts flock to Baja California Sur.

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 11

Editor’s note

Welcome to Issue 11. As Trump lets the transition to Biden begin it has been another eventful week in Latin America.

Same old, same old

Latin America considers what Biden’s agenda could mean for the region.

Paper jam

Argentina scrambles to print 1,000-peso banknotes as 5,000 peso note cancelled.

Oiling the economy

Political chaos puts Peru's petroleum recovery in doubt.

Disaster recovery

Rebuilding Central American infrastructure after a year of hurricanes.

Harder and harder

ANCAP struggles in competitive Uruguayan cement market.

Telmex triple-play?

Telmex sacrifices market share in pursuit of triple-play.

Costa Rica toasts Bacardi

Bacardi backs Costa Rica in expansion of global services.

Patient payment

SACYR wins hospital construction project in Chile, but what are the risks?

Get the picture

A new generation of art investor emerges in Latin America.

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 10

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the tenth Issue of Tidings. Politics in Latin America is never dull, this week it is Peru’s turn to light up the Andean cone.

Musical chairs

Vizcarra ousted, Merino resigned, Silva-Santisteban rejected, now Sagasti.

Fine time

Central Bank sanctions Itaú in Paraguay.

Coal’s over

Chile signals intention to accelerate closure of coal generators.

Train reaction

Chinese interest returns to Mexican infrastructure projects.

Watching the Hass grow

Avocado production continues to grow in Colombia.

Lags to riches

Poor connectivity holds back El Salvador.

Doubling down

The City of Buenos Aires begins licensing online gambling.

Trial and error

COVID-19 vaccine trials politicized in Brazil.

Stranger danger

Brands risk their reputations with unknown influencers.

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 9

Editor’s Note

Welcome to Issue 9 and the post-Trump era. As Biden defines his foreign policy for Latin America, this could be a turning point for the region.

Soft Power Struggle

Chinese and American influence and interest in Latin America.

Pension tension

Opportunities and threats from Peru’s proposed pension reform.

Not GRE-at

Prospects diverge for government-related entities.

Free shipping

Uruguay has ambitious plans for Port of Montevideo.

Banana Drama

Ecuador seeks minimum support price for bananas.

Try before you buy

Visa acquires YellowPepper, the digital payment solutions provider.

Behind the mask

Latin American fashion designers adapt to the new normal.

Stab in the dark

Venezuela plans to roll-out Russian and Chinese vaccines.

Off the pitch

Brazilian Football Confederation plans financial reforms.

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 8

Editor’s Note

Welcome to Issue 8. Latin America remains firmly in the grips of COVID-19 but some countries are beginning to lift lockdown restrictions.


Bolsonaro tempers confrontation with legislature and judiciary amidst Supreme Court probe.

Will newer be better?

Chile overwhelmingly votes for a new constitution but will it solve social and economic challenges?


An indigenous community in Mexico sues EDF in Paris over alleged violation of human rights by a wind project.

Infra- restructured

Interest in government-to-government agreements is rising in Peru, could the model work elsewhere?

To dig or not to dig

Ecuadorian mining weighs environment against economy.

Adaptation trumps innovation

LatAm businesses focus on digital adaptation not innovation.

What’s in a label?

Mexican labelling regulations take back seat to digital transformation.

Argentina continues to reopen

Hard-hit Argentina can't afford perpetual lockdown.


Latin American airlines struggle but winners emerge.

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 7

Editor’s Note

Welcome to Tidings! After an extraordinary effort by the entire Deheza team over the past few weeks, I am delighted to welcome you...


A victory for peace, not democracy, as MAS win Bolivian elections.

A mountain to climb

Hard-hit Latin American economies must solve political and social issues to reactivate successfully.

Frack on

Colombia takes the first steps towards fracking with pilot wells.

Public Private Dilemma

Mexican government needs private capital for infrastructure, investors unconvinced.

A stitch in time saves mines

Peru finally moves to reactivate the mining sector.

‘Bancarizing’ the unbanked

Rappi pens partnership with SafetyPay.

Shopping on- the -line

Pandemic drives e-commerce adoption across LatAm.

Your health, their wealth

LatAm health insurance booms, but is a bust coming?

Smart PlanificAction

Buenos Aires lead Smart Cities opportunity in LatAm.

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 6

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the sixth and final edition of our Weekly Intelligence Brief from Latin America.


Rise in internal violence endangers economic success story in Paraguay.

Rewarding Failure

Mexican government employs former HSBC man accused of AML failings.


ExxonMobil and friends enjoy attractive deal in Guyana to the detriment of the small state.

Work around

Peru favours Government-to-Government agreements to get around cumbersome contracting law.

Battery Strategy

Mexico is sitting on the world’s largest lithium deposit but thoughts of nationalisation are emerging.

Growth Factor

Invoice factoring set for post-pandemic growth in Peru and Chile.

Flower power

Colombia’s flower exports ride through the pandemic.

Mental health

The pandemic has widened the gap between male and female mental health in Latin America.


No end in sight for Latin America’s nightclub shutdown.

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 5

Editor’s Note

“Nothing ruins Friday like finding out it’s only Tuesday!” On that note, welcome to the fifth instalment of our six-week...

Much ado about nothing

Peruvian Congress withdraws process to impeach President Vizcarra amid economic and health crises.

Makes no cents

Argentina implements new currency controls spooking savers, corporates and investors.

Total-ly unclear

Total exits exploration blocks in Brazil but is it a victory for environmentalists?

On a wing and a prayer

Pandemic causes headache for air freight industry.


Codelco strikes amicable deal with union but how long will the positivity last in Chile?

A problem shared

Pressure grows on telecommunications infrastructure as the pandemic drives internet usage.

Driving a recovery

Short-,medium- and long-term priorities for the automotive industry in Mexico and Brazil.

Vaccine FOMO

Competition for vaccine access begins across Latin America.

Not made-up and nowhere to go

Personal hygiene grabs market share as fragrances and make up decline in Latin America.

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 4

Editor’s Note

Tuesday again, time flies! Welcome to the fourth instalment of our six-week Latin American Weekly Intelligence Report pilot.

Lozoya’s leaks and Pío’s problems

Mexican corruption scandal broadens but AMLO’s brother is now under investigation.

Green hedges

Developing market ESG funds are on the up but transparency concerns need attention.

Clean, green, hydrogen scheme

Chile plans green hydrogen production from renewables, but it won’t be easy.

Public-Private… Postponed

Mexican government seeks to convert BlackRock’s proposed highway PPP to public works.

No silver bullet

Market observers see little upside to silver prices as production recovers and demand stabilises.

Immoral fibre

Bolivia gets fibre connection amid accusations of corruption.

Menthol going up in smoke?

As developed markets seek to ban flavoured cigarettes Latin America lags far behind.

One-in, One-out

Revolving doors at health ministries across Latin America.

Work with a view

Many work-from-home policies are being extended, why not work from paradise?

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 3

Editor’s Note

Welcome to our regular and new readers. This is the third edition of our six-week intelligence newsletter pilot.

Viral Politics

COVID-19 exposes social and political weaknesses in most Latin American countries.

Making the grade

Corporate credit in Latin American faces downgrade but how real is the default risk?

The fuels of trade

Brazil increases tax-free quota on US ethanol, is free trade on the horizon?

Green back

Bureaucracy holds back greener infrastructure in Colombia.

Bean here before

Chinese importers washing out Argentinian soy oil contracts, no biggie.

Mast-ering 5G

Chile leads the race for 5G in Latin America but some aren’t happy.

No makeup, no pants, no problem

Online shopping has boomed under lockdown, are physical stores still needed?

From Russia with love

Paraná’s MoU with Russia puts them in pole position for Russian COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

Testing times

There is no clear strategy for the recovery of tourism in Mexico.

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 2