TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 14

Editor’s note

Dear Members, This week in politics we check in on the emerging left-wing alliance, Puebla Group, between Mexico, Argentina and...

Puebla Group

The emerging alliance of the left in Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia.

Financial pirates

Are Ponzi schemes on the rise in the Caribbean?

Canal premiums

Costs could increase at the Panama Canal following Ever Given.

Caffeine hit

Drought and COVID-19 disruptions hit Brazilian coffee producers.

Bad smell

Latin America's hard-hit perfumery sector hopes for a recovery.

Watching you WFH

Surveillance software monitors employees as they work from home.

Medical devices

Pandemic accelerates medical technology industry in Argentina and Chile.

Regulation or conviction?

Pandemic hinders executive gender equality in some Latin American corporates.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 13

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Transport plays a big part in this week's Tidings as we discuss electric vehicle regulations in Peru and...

Russian interest

The growth of Russian influence in Latin America.

EV rules

Peru's electric vehicle regulation takes shape.

Roll on

Railway merger links Canada, US and Mexico.

EU-Mercosur wobbles

Challenges remain with the EU-Mercosur trade deal.

Fishy business

Illegal fishing and fish fraud widespread across Latin America.

Busy signal

Competition hots up in Colombia's telecommunications industry.

All over the map

Caribbean suffers from a poorly coordinated vaccination response.

Open but intolerant

Panama bans adoption by same-sex couples.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 12

Editor’s note

Dear Members, This week, we look at the recent protests in Paraguay where the people are angry at poor management...

Paraguayan protests

Protests over the handling of COVID-19 and corruption in Paraguay.

Tightening the reins

Peru eyes OECD membership with actions against money laundering and tax evasion.


Colombia sees growing copper demand driven by the energy transition.

Bean better

Argentinian soya held back by politics, taxes and currency.

Milking it

Latin American milk production exposed to lower prices.


Ecuador's Presidential elections and US-China 5G tensions.

Magic bullet?

COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Chile despite vaccination progress.

Decarbonisation nation

Costa Rica unveils decarbonisation plan, targeting carbon neutral by 2050.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 11

Editor’s note

Dear Members, This week, we revisit the ongoing Venezuelan refugee crisis in Colombia and consider the new ten-year temporary protection...

Land of opportunity

Colombia seeks opportunity from Venezuelan migrant crisis.

Financial crime risks

Global banks continue to experience AML failures in Latin America.

More sustainable solar

Brazilian firm brings organic photovoltaics to buildings and trucks.

Road to recovery

Argentina prepares a much needed public works investment stimulus.

Mining over the coals

Colombia eyes diversification from coal to copper and gold.

Cash to your door

Cash delivery app brings ATMs closer to rural Bolivia.

Submarine connections

The EllaLink submarine cable system connects LatAm with Europe.

Cuba’s COVID-19 vaccines

Cuba's COVID-19 vaccines enter final stages of development.


Bookshops and libraries continue to suffer in Latin America.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 10

Editor’s note

Dear Members, Yesterday, the world celebrated International Women's Day and as a female executive in a sector dominated by men,...

The ‘other’ transatlantic relationship

The EU and UK's political relationship with Latin America needs reviving.

Strategic ESG

Peruvian pension funds integrate ESG into their strategy and investment processes.

Guyana long oil

Guyana plays the long game when it comes to Exxon Mobil.

Real nice estate

Remote working drives residential real estate boom in Baja California Sur.


Colombia Hass avocado sector continues its growth, is vertical integration coming?

A shadow pandemic

Pandemic drives surge in gender based violence across Latin America.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 9

Dare we dream?

Dear Members, Dare we dream that the inoculation programmes starting around the world may actually be the beginning of a...

Law and order

Civil society demands action to protect social leaders and human rights activists in Colombia.


Decentralised financial services and products resonate with Mexicans.

Hydrogen economy

Mexican industry and government begin to think about hydrogen.

Gateway or destination?

Airports consider their business model as a gateway and destination.

Bumper crop

Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina seek to grow soya exports.

Service restrictions

High-end restaurants trying everything to remain in business.

Digital innovation or survival?

The pandemic has forced LatAm boardrooms to embrace digital innovation.

Vacuna VIP

Privileged few secretly given COVID vaccine in Argentina.

B Movement

Marrying profit with purpose or just good marketing?

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 8

Rules and Regulations

Dear Members, Happy Tuesday! Let's dive back into Latin America! This week, we're looking at the energy sector in Mexico where...

Friends in high places

Bolsonaro's political victory in the Senate and Congress.

Digital money

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank's digital currency initiative makes progress.

Power flows

Mexico's energy policy drives outflows from the sector.


Mexico's EV market is going nowhere fast.

The law of the jungle

Latin America's courts are getting tougher on environmental laws.

Waste away

EPR legislation needs adapting to the Latin American reality.

Political backbone

Government evaluates the future of Peru's fibre backbone.

Healthtech growth zooms

Regulators play catch-up as telemedicine booms in LatAm.

Clean clothes

Pressure grows on the fashion industry to clean up its act.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 7 (Special Edition)

ESG Special Edition

February 16, 2021

This week we dedicate the issue to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in Latin America. ESG has become mainstream and governments, investors and corporates across the region are starting to get behind it too.

Better borrowing

Investors and lenders ponder ESG measures but reporting remains a challenge.

Benefit Corporations

Colombia embraces and incentivises the Benefit Corporation legal structure.

Sustainable pensions

Pension funds in Latin America driving an attitude shift towards ESG.

Natural endowment

Latin America must leverage its natural endowment to build back better.

Catching the sun

Masdar Clean Energy continues to fund renewable deployment across the Caribbean.

ESG intelligence

Strategic intelligence firms uniquely placed to assess ESG risks.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 6

On your marks …

Dear Members, Ecuador has fired the gun on a year of voting across much of Latin America as the first...

On to round two

Arauz moves on while Pérez and Lasso await the count in Ecuador's elections.

No road to recovery

Bolivia's fiscal and trade woes compounded by the pandemic.


Petropar still trying to attract foreign investment.

Construction games

Santiago de Chile starts preparation for the Pan American Games.

The ascent of hemp

Regulators keep watch as CBD oil market grows.

Up in smoke

Cigarette sales tank in Mexico as new product regulation stalls.

Fake facts

Latin America has the highest rates of disinformation.

Priced out

Is greater transparency needed on vaccine contracts?


Work-from-home a boon for Latin American interior designers.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 5

Covid, elections and ESG

Dear Members, COVID-19 continues to dominate the agenda in Latin America. Last week, Mexico was at the height of its...

Wave of elections

2021 brings election season to many Caribbean islands.

Sustained growth

Sustainable bond issues gather pace in Latin America.

Elemental energy

Colombia follows Chile's lead towards green hydrogen.

Best laid plans

Is Argentinian infrastructure ready for a mass vaccination programme?

Bank withdrawal

ESG concerns cause European banks to rethink Amazonian oil.

Open tender

Huawei taps Temer as Brazil's 5G auction approaches.

A bugs life

Are edible insects a solution to growing nutritional demand?

Second wave

COVID-19 deaths soar in Mexico as vaccines delayed.


Bars, nightclubs and events businesses fight for survival.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 4

Peaks and troughs

Dear Members, According to the Reuters COVID-19 tracker, there have now been 18 million infections and 576,000 deaths from COVID-19...


Although small, the UK-Chile trade agreement was strategically important for both countries.


Addition to US State Sponsors of Terrorism list hurts Cuban investment.

Fan club

Wind and solar takes off in most of Latin America but policy challenges remain.

A tale of two cities

Colombia's commercial real estate has a mixed outlook while residential remains resilient.

Sugar rush

Brazilian sugar producers enjoy a bumper 2020 but will it last?

Digitalise everything

Digitalisation to boost recovery across Latin America.

Flight risk

Regulatory tit-for-tat between Venezuela and Panama.

Dose of good news

Vaccine production in Argentina and Mexico on plan.

Education in isolation

Despite challenges education continues in Peru.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 3

Hope, adaptation and opportunity

Dear Members, Despite the pandemic and economic turmoil engulfing Latin America, there are signs of hope, adaptation and opportunity shining...