Strategic intelligence in Latin America


Carbon washing

The terminology has changed; the goal remains the same.

Small country, big ambitions

Uruguay is looking to export green hydrogen.

The better option

Is ethanol really a viable alternative to gasoline?

Bogotá’s oil problem 

The uncertain future of petroleum in Petro’s Colombia. 

Privatising Petrobras

Brazil’s state oil company is turning into a political football.

Black gold’s lure

Will Washington let Chevron pump oil in Venezuela?

Maintaining power

Mexico’s electricity reform fails - markets are happy, the president is not.

Colombia’s energy gamble

Green hydrogen is unlikely to displace fossil fuel dependence anytime soon.

Powering Paraguay

Asunción needs to rethink its energy strategy.

Keep your enemies closer

Washington needs oil, Caracas needs money

Latest Posts

The ESG factor

ESG, nice to have or must have?

Connecting Georgetown

The liberalisation of Guyana's telecommunications industry.

Slipping through the net

Latin America’s AML regulations need tightening up.

Paying Beijing

Short-term lifeline, long-term fiscal headache.

Tension in Tegucigalpa

Confidence in Xiomara Castro’s is starting to fade.