Strategic intelligence in Latin America


Questionable cargo

Mysterious plane movements over LatAm point to Iran.

Home soil, foreign troops

Russian troops in Nicaragua as Managua embraces Moscow.

Behind the photo ops

The Summit of the Americas – damp squib or meaningful action?

Maritime tensions

Could an ICJ ruling affect Colombia and Nicaragua’s bilateral relations?

Asunción’s opportunity cost

Paraguay-Taiwan relations hold firm, for now. 

The Ottoman lure

Turkey is looking to strengthen its relationship with Latin America. 

Boric’s guide to bilateralism

Mounting domestic challenges will dilute Chile’s foreign policy ambitions.

Going with the flow

Could Bolivia and Chile’s claim over the Silala river worsen bilateral relations?

Cutting the ties that bind

Royals meet reality on Caribbean tour.

Moscow’s machinations

The Kremlin remains intransigent, Ukraine fights for its survival.

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The uncertain future of petroleum in Petro’s Colombia. 

Transatlantic opportunities 

Could a FTA inject new dynamism into the UK-Mexico relationship?

Cleaning up Panama

Rubbish collection across the country leaves much to be desired. 

Tolerating difference

In Paraguay and Nicaragua, life remains challenging for the LGBTQ community.