Dose of good news

Vaccine production in Argentina and Mexico on plan.

Old ways

Use of natural remedies increase during pandemic.

Political treatment

Peru scrambles to access COVID-19 vaccines after a slow start.

Vaccine races

Argentina begins Sputnik V vaccinations.

Vaccination frustration

Latin America will find mass vaccination challenging

A bitter pill to swallow

Healthcare inequality needs addressing across Latin America.

Pain in the grass

Colombia's medicinal cannabis industry yet to take off.

Patient payment

SACYR wins hospital construction project in Chile, but what are the risks?

Trial and error

COVID-19 vaccine trials politicized in Brazil.

Stab in the dark

Venezuela plans to roll-out Russian and Chinese vaccines.

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Fan club

Wind and solar takes off in most of Latin America but policy challenges remain.

A tale of two cities

Colombia's commercial real estate has a mixed outlook while residential remains resilient.