Strategic intelligence in Latin America


Keeping the taps on

Mexico’s water crisis requires innovation and financing to solve.

Staying on track

Full steam ahead for Jamaica’s rail ambitions. 

Raising the grade

Latin America’s investment in educational infrastructure lags its peers.

Up, up and invest

Mexico poised for major aircraft purchases; but poor infrastructure could stem growth.

Electrifying investment

Latin America is experiencing a boom in electric vehicle production – infrastructure will have to keep up.

Fatal flooding 

Rains have caused devastating floods widening the rift between Bahia and Brasília.

Property politics

Time to tackle Latin America’s severe housing deficit.

Tocumen expansion

Expansion works underway at Panama's Tocumen Airport.

Terminal decline

Activity at Venezuela's Puerto Cabello in serious decline.

Building bridges

Guyana and Suriname support infrastructure to connect their economies.

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Bogotá’s oil problem 

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Transatlantic opportunities 

Could a FTA inject new dynamism into the UK-Mexico relationship?

Cleaning up Panama

Rubbish collection across the country leaves much to be desired. 

Tolerating difference

In Paraguay and Nicaragua, life remains challenging for the LGBTQ community.