The darker side of gold

Export of the mineral is bucking Bolivia’s mining slump – behind the headlines, a darker reality.

Lithium’s lure

Bolivia’s resource nationalism is starting to fade as it eyes lithium windfall.

Tunnel vision

Lax regulatory oversight and heavy rains affecting dams in Minas Gerais will turn mining operations into humanitarian disasters without further action.

No silver lining  

Well-organised environmental opposition puts the brakes on Argentina's silver rush.

Mining in the Andean

The outlook for mining in the Andean region amidst political and social risks.

Taxing miners

Chile advances bill to increase taxes on copper and lithium miners but will it pass into law?

Lima spooks miners

Miners in Peru on tenterhooks after Vásquez-Hochschild scare.

Miners exit Bolivia

Elevated country risk leads Glencore to exit Bolivia, will Sumitomo follow?

Lithium triangle

Are new discoveries a threat to Latin America's lithium triangle?

Mining and trafficking

Illicit mining in Venezuela creates demand for human trafficking and prostitution.