Strategic intelligence in Latin America


Petro’s (unclear) path

A 77yr old firebrand conservative is shaking up Colombia’s presidential elections. 

Murder in Montevideo

What lies behind Uruguay’s spate of narco-fuelled homicides?

Ending the oligopolies

Peru’s president wants to shake up the business environment. 

Viva la revolución?

There’s still no room for dissent in post-Castro Cuba. 

Lasso-ing the opposition

To save the economy, Ecuador’s president wants to bypass congress.

Peru paralysed

Lima’s political crisis worsens amid rioting and attacks on police.

AMLO’s assault

Mexico’s central bank, time to raise the drawbridge?

Bullets, not hugs

Across Mexico, narcoviolence is spiralling out of control.

Behind the scenes in Bogotá

Colombia is set for a leftward shift, what does this mean for markets?

We’re hiring!

A presidential vacancy looms as Peru’s Castillo likely faces yet another attempt to oust him from power.

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The better option

Is ethanol really a viable alternative to gasoline?

Bogotá’s oil problem 

The uncertain future of petroleum in Petro’s Colombia. 

Transatlantic opportunities 

Could a FTA inject new dynamism into the UK-Mexico relationship?

Cleaning up Panama

Rubbish collection across the country leaves much to be desired. 

Tolerating difference

In Paraguay and Nicaragua, life remains challenging for the LGBTQ community.