Special Edition

With all votes counted, Castillo set for victory in Peru

Pedro Castillo, school-teacher son of illiterate farmers, edges closer to becoming the next President of Peru. Will he deliver his radical campaign promises? What role will Congress play? What's next?

Cracks Emerge In Morena’s Political Dominance

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's party loses its supermajority in the Mexican Congress and suffers an embarrassing defeat in Mexico City but what's next and what does it mean for your business?

Better borrowing

Investors and lenders ponder ESG measures but reporting remains a challenge.

Benefit Corporations

Colombia embraces and incentivises the Benefit Corporation legal structure.

Sustainable pensions

Pension funds in Latin America driving an attitude shift towards ESG.

Natural endowment

Latin America must leverage its natural endowment to build back better.

ESG intelligence

Strategic intelligence firms uniquely placed to assess ESG risks.

Catching the sun

Masdar Clean Energy continues to fund renewable deployment across the Caribbean.

The Year Ahead

Welcome to The Year Ahead for Latin America, our guide to the coming year for the region's six largest economies. In this issue, we discuss the impact and response to...


Agriculture and fintech boom but infrastructure and renewables require investment.