Watching you WFH

Surveillance software monitors employees as they work from home.

Busy signal

Competition hots up in Colombia's telecommunications industry.


Ecuador's Presidential elections and US-China 5G tensions.

Submarine connections

The EllaLink submarine cable system connects LatAm with Europe.

Digital innovation or survival?

The pandemic has forced LatAm boardrooms to embrace digital innovation.

Political backbone

Government evaluates the future of Peru's fibre backbone.

Fake facts

Latin America has the highest rates of disinformation.

Open tender

Huawei taps Temer as Brazil's 5G auction approaches.

Digitalise everything

Digitalisation to boost recovery across Latin America.

Digital assets

Digital infrastructure as a new asset class in Latin America.

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Editor’s note

Dear Members, This week in politics we check in on the emerging left-wing alliance, Puebla Group, between Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia. Is this the...

Puebla Group

The emerging alliance of the left in Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia.

Financial pirates

Are Ponzi schemes on the rise in the Caribbean?

Canal premiums

Costs could increase at the Panama Canal following Ever Given.

Caffeine hit

Drought and COVID-19 disruptions hit Brazilian coffee producers.