TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 6

On your marks …

Dear Members, Ecuador has fired the gun on a year of voting across much of Latin America as the first...

On to round two

Arauz moves on while Pérez and Lasso await the count in Ecuador's elections.

No road to recovery

Bolivia's fiscal and trade woes compounded by the pandemic.


Petropar still trying to attract foreign investment.

Construction games

Santiago de Chile starts preparation for the Pan American Games.

The ascent of hemp

Regulators keep watch as CBD oil market grows.

Up in smoke

Cigarette sales tank in Mexico as new product regulation stalls.

Fake facts

Latin America has the highest rates of disinformation.

Priced out

Is greater transparency needed on vaccine contracts?


Work-from-home a boon for Latin American interior designers.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 5

Covid, elections and ESG

Dear Members, COVID-19 continues to dominate the agenda in Latin America. Last week, Mexico was at the height of its...

Wave of elections

2021 brings election season to many Caribbean islands.

Sustained growth

Sustainable bond issues gather pace in Latin America.

Elemental energy

Colombia follows Chile's lead towards green hydrogen.

Best laid plans

Is Argentinian infrastructure ready for a mass vaccination programme?

Bank withdrawal

ESG concerns cause European banks to rethink Amazonian oil.

Open tender

Huawei taps Temer as Brazil's 5G auction approaches.

A bugs life

Are edible insects a solution to growing nutritional demand?

Second wave

COVID-19 deaths soar in Mexico as vaccines delayed.


Bars, nightclubs and events businesses fight for survival.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 4

Peaks and troughs

Dear Members, According to the Reuters COVID-19 tracker, there have now been 18 million infections and 576,000 deaths from COVID-19...


Although small, the UK-Chile trade agreement was strategically important for both countries.


Addition to US State Sponsors of Terrorism list hurts Cuban investment.

Fan club

Wind and solar takes off in most of Latin America but policy challenges remain.

A tale of two cities

Colombia's commercial real estate has a mixed outlook while residential remains resilient.

Sugar rush

Brazilian sugar producers enjoy a bumper 2020 but will it last?

Digitalise everything

Digitalisation to boost recovery across Latin America.

Flight risk

Regulatory tit-for-tat between Venezuela and Panama.

Dose of good news

Vaccine production in Argentina and Mexico on plan.

Education in isolation

Despite challenges education continues in Peru.

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 3

Hope, adaptation and opportunity

Dear Members, Despite the pandemic and economic turmoil engulfing Latin America, there are signs of hope, adaptation and opportunity shining...

Trump’s naughty list

US returns Cuba to State Sponsors of Terrorism list.


Chavismo fades as Venezuela contemplates opening its economy.


Guyana's oil and gas industry expands with gas-to-shore project.


Rumours swirl that Banobras' South East MRO tender faces cancellation by AMLO.

Copper-bottomed mining

Chilean copper production persists through labour and pandemic challenges.

In the mail

Magalu enjoys bumper year in Brazil but is Correios a target?

Digital assets

Digital infrastructure as a new asset class in Latin America.

Old ways

Use of natural remedies increase during pandemic.

Smart art

How are museums in Latin America surviving the pandemic?

TIDINGS Volume 2 – Issue 2

Déjà vu

Dear Members, Despite the reset that the New Year appears to bring, the early weeks of 2021 already feel a...

Maduro hangs on

Guaidó's power and influence wanes locally and internationally.

ESG investing

Sustainable investment to accelerate in 2021 as focus on ESG intensifies

Drying up

Drought hits Uruguay's hydroelectric generation underlining need for renewables and storage.

El Club de las Constructoras 2

Construction of public works in Peru is still rife with corruption.

Feeding China

Brazil's agriculture continues to feed China.

Star quality

Argentina leads Latin America's space capabilities.

Pot of gold

Mexico attempts to legalise the entire marijuana value chain.

Political treatment

Peru scrambles to access COVID-19 vaccines after a slow start.

Listen up

Podcast growth turbocharged by COVID-19 pandemic.

TIDINGS Volume 1 – Issue 7

New Year, New Perspectives

Dear Members, Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of this year's Tidings. In this new volume, we will continue to bring you fresh local perspectives on the major commercial issues facing businesses in Latin America, without the agenda...

Left or right?

Ecuador heads to the polls amidst distrust of political class but will populism prevail?

Zero day, zero option

The perils and potential of currency unification in Cuba.

Dead ‘cash’ cow

Vaca Muerta shale deposit in Argentina could become a stranded asset rather than a cash cow.

Water works

Brazilian sanitation seeks investment with robust regulation and municipality partnerships.

Cattle markets

Swiss entrepreneurs bring blockchain to Bolivian ranchers.

Digital noise

Pandemic accelerates online marketing and competition.

Unsustainable consumption

Sustainable consumption remains niche in Mexico.

Vaccine races

Argentina begins Sputnik V vaccinations.

Football directors

5G could transform the sports stadium experience.