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Uruguayan government moves to boost recovery in tourism.

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This Week

Volume 1 – Issue 13

Editor’s note

Dear Members, It's Tuesday once again and we seem to have passed the last seven days without any...

Political life and death

Brazilian government unlikely to act upon increase in political violence.

Century bond

Peru issues a 100-year bond amidst political turmoil.

Bids in

Suriname announces a new bidding round for 8 shallow water exploration blocks.

State sup-port

Yucatán and Fincantieri embark upon largest shipyard in Mexico and Latin America.

No missed-steak

Argentina and Brazil increase beef exports to China.

Teachers’ pet hate

Edtech businesses have thrived during the pandemic.

Whine critics

Is Chile moving away from heavy, oaky, and rich wines?

A bitter pill to swallow

Healthcare inequality needs addressing across Latin America.

Wish you were here

Uruguayan government moves to boost recovery in tourism.